2024 AI & Customer Service Trends Event Highlights

2024 AI & Customer Service Trends Event Highlights.

15 February 2024 min Technology

The latest AI trends that are transforming how brands interact with their customers.

Resolution Digital Intercom Event

The Resolution Digital CX team teamed up with our partner, Intercom, to host an exclusive event for Omnicom Media Group Australia (OMGA) clients, spotlighting the latest AI & Customer Service Trends for 2024.

Clients from across the OMG network joined us for a morning of insightful discussions and networking over breakfast, exploring how AI is transforming customer support and experience.

Our CX Director, Sun Kim, covered the current trends of AI in customer experience (CX), its significant impact on making businesses more customer-centric, and how it's shaping key business outcomes. 

Top 5 CX & AI trends: 

1. Customer expectations have soared thanks to AI's ability to speed up and streamline customer experiences. They're no longer willing to settle for poor customer service and want their challenges resolved almost straight away, without delay. 

2. AI usage surged in 2023 and continues to rise. With nearly half of customer support teams utilising AI to their advantage, the rest have an opportunity to catch up quickly. 

3. AI targets the tedious parts of support jobs, paving the way for more exciting human roles. However, there is a gap to bridge between leaders and team members about job evolution. 

4. Outdated tools are limiting support teams. In response, 65% of C-level support executives are exploring new AI-driven technologies to keep up with modern customer service demands. 

5. The criteria for success are evolving in an AI-first landscape, support teams need to rethink how to track and report their metrics and KPIs to gauge their achievements and value accurately.

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