Resolution Digital's Viral LG Campaign Tops TikTok Award for Best Campaign.

12 January 2022 min News

Resolution Digital has danced to the top and crowned the winner of Best Campaign at the OMG TikTok Awards.

In short:

  • Resolution Digital wins the Best Campaign Award for the LG #LifeIsGoodDance campaign
  • TikTok is the most popular platform amongst Millennials and Gen Z
  • Resolution Digital's approach to understanding the target audience through behavioural analysis and data analytics was key to the campaign success
  • The campaign received 7 billion impressions, 2 million videos and over 1 million participants.

In late 2021, Omnicom Media Group brands, including Resolution Digital and PHD, competed in the OMG TikTok Awards. Resolution Digital’s LG Global' Life is Good' campaign won the Best Campaign award. The competition encompassed the best social media, digital advertising, and viral campaigning of 2021 on the platform.

TikTok has rapidly grown from a quirky short-form video platform to a genre-defining app, shaping how users create, consume and engage with content today. It's so popular that it is now the most visited website globally, overtaking Google's top spot in 2021. In addition, the social media giant has recently expanded its video length and will soon offer live streaming for content creators, to compete with YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. The trending platform is the most popular platform amongst Millennials and Gen Z, who typically favour it over traditional social media channels.

LG approached the team to improve brand awareness with Millennial and Gen Z audiences. Gaining insight into the target audience behaviour was key, says Milos Mrkaja, Activation Director at Resolution Digital:

"By utilising behavioural search analysis, we identified that this market was highly engaged with the consumer electronics category but wasn't searching for LG branded products as consistently as other audience groups."

Resolution Digital uses its own leading technology products to gain audience insights and market trends. Through this behavioural search analysis, Jack's team uncovered three key areas to address:

  • Short & Sweet: Video consumption for this group grew significantly during the pandemic, favouring short-form video content.
  • Clutter: There has been a big spike in content creators, saturating the platform and creating clutter. Brands need to connect using personality and passion points of this audience to stand out.
  • Earn It: 39% of this segment utilise adblockers and resonate with social proof through content creators, relational value, and genuine experiences.

The Key Elements of a Successful Viral Campaign

The Life is Good campaign was a standout success and utilised a multichannel strategy focused on short-form video platforms YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Jack Elkins, Head of Resolution Digital Queensland, notes:

"A cornerstone of this success was the Hashtag Challenge...The strength of this execution and the holistic strategy saw the campaign overdeliver against exposure metrics."

The Life is Good campaign was a standout success, with over 7 billion impressions world-wide, 2 million videos and over 1 million participants in the #LifeIsGoodDance challenge.

Bringing together Resolution Digital's four-pillar approach, the team delivered an award-winning marketing campaign. Jack Elkins, said of its success:

"The campaign was unique in the focus applied by the collective team to understand and connect with these audiences rather than falling back on more traditional broadcast campaign strategies which are easier, but often less impactful. It took courage from the whole team but also relied heavily on the insights generated around Gen Z and Millennials and how they interact with culture and media to be successful."

How data can be harnessed to reach new audiences for brands

Milos Mrkaja says that while human expertise and insight is always essential, what was unique about this campaign was the utilisation of data analytics:

"We really placed a focus on real time behavioural data garnered from search, social and video interactions to guide our approach rather than more static traditional datasets like survey data. This gave us a clear insight into the types of content and consumption habits of this audience and allowed us to make more brave media and creative decisions." At the very heart of digital media strategy, data-led decision making is invaluable when connecting brands to challenging to reach audiences, increasing participation, exposure and uplift.

Getting that right is a real win for brands.

Jack Elkins believes that this win is a real proof point of the talented team at Resolution Digital:

"For other clients, I think this campaign was a great validation of the need to take these calculated risks, particularly when trying to connect with younger audience segments that are much harder to reach with broadcast campaign strategies."

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