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30 May 2022 min Technology

Understand each MarTech vendor’s acquisitions and features across the user journey when you download our MarTech Capability Matrix.

If you are struggling to understand the complex marketing technology (MarTech) landscape in Australia, you are not alone. Our MarTech team has done the hard work for you with the MarTech Capabilities Matrix.

Why did we create the MarTech Capability Matrix?

The MarTech space is constantly evolving and with over $250 billion spent on tech acquisitions in the last 20 years, there is little similarity between how each MarTech platform works in line with a common user journey.

This makes it difficult to keep up and understand which vendors you need to unlock your preferred technology stack.

The MarTech vendors in Australia: Google, Hubspot, Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Kentico, Optimizely, and Sitecore.
The MarTech vendors in Australia: Google, Hubspot, Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Kentico, Optimizely, and Sitecore.

Fortunately, the MarTech Capabilities Matrix makes it easy to understand each major MarTech vendor’s capabilities, against a common user journey:

  • Google
  • Salesforce
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Kentico
  • Sitecore
  • Optimizely
  • HubSpot

We then deep dive into the major Marketing and Advertising Technology acquisitions in the last 12 months, and key acquisitions from the past 10 years. This information provides insight into the direction each vendor is taking with their technology offering, such as investment in data, hardware, or specialities to complement their existing offering.

Every update. Every quarter.

We update the MarTech Capability Matrix every quarter to help you stay in the know. Released in April, the latest version of the matrix features the recent Salesforce aqusitions and Salesforce Marketing Cloud product name updates.

Stay up to date with our latest MarTech Capability Matrix

The marketing technology (MarTech) space is rapidly evolving, with frequent acquisitions, re-brands, and little commonality in how the various MarTech platform's capabilities align to a common user journey. 

This can make it challenging for you to assess potential MarTech and AdTech vendors, or understand which capabilities to unlock in your preferred technology stack.

Our MarTech Capability Matrix features the capabilities of the major technology vendors used in Australia, including Google, Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Sitecore, Optimizely, and Hubspot.

Download the MarTech Capability Matrix

Download the MarTech Capability Matrix

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