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Apple iOS14 - User Privacy Update and Partners Series | Pinterest

26 April 2021 3 min read PoV
Earlier this week Apple released a series of updates for app developers to coincide with the much anticipated iOS14.5 software update, and subsequent launch of the new AppTrackingTransparency framework.

The latest version iOS 14.5 introduces privacy features that require apps to seek explicit permission from users before tracking them for advertising purposes.

 In our previous blog, we covered the overall implications and changes expected in this iOS 14.5 rollout, plus how it will impact advertising on Facebook, Google and Snapchat.

 In this segment, we explore

  • Impact on Pinterest’s advertising solutions
  • The changes we recommend to minimise the impact to your advertising campaigns


Pinterest have taken a firm stance in this space, for example, prohibiting information around vaccines and politics on the platform with the aim to maintain a “positive” user experience and are actively investing in developing their first-party data capabilities to enhance their ad product. 


Pinterest made the decision to remove their mobile app install advertising product last year, meaning they already avoid using the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) within their targeting, and subsequently means current users of the platform will see minimal impact to activity. 

Priority actions

Although the expected impact is negligible, Pinterest recommends that advertisers should continue monitoring their campaign performance, with particular focus on device segmentation; 

  1. Segmenting by device type (iPhone and iPad) at ad or ad group level reporting :
    1. Log into your Pinterest business account
    2. Click Ads at the top of your screen, then select Reporting
    3. Click into Ad groups or Ads
    4. Above the data table, click Targeting and select Device
  2. Segmenting by device type (iPhone and iPad) in custom reports  
    1. Log into your Pinterest business account
    2. Click Ads at the top of your screen, then select Custom reports
    3. Click into a report template and scroll down to Targeting breakdown
    4. Click By device
  3. Reviewing your Objective type: impact of iOS14 may differ depending on the type of campaign that you are running.
    1. Log into your Pinterest business account
    2. Click Ads at the top of your screen, then select Reporting
    3. Above the data table, click Objective and select your campaign objective : Awareness, Consideration or Conversions and Catalog sales


To wrap up, as highlighted by Pinterest, we don’t see any immediate impacts on advertising campaign setups due to the lack of personal identifiers in use prior to the ATT rollout. Pinterest have publicly shared their intentions to invest into developing advertising products in-line with the privacy safe initiatives we are seeing more and more of – a move which highlights their ongoing ambition to be seen as a serious player in the social landscape.

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