User Interface Design (UI).

Crafted visual elements that enhance digital experience

UI design is the point of human digital interaction and communication in a device or digital product. It is what they see and touch.

A great user interface is a beautiful blend between form and function

The key fundamental of any UI design project is to provide user flows that are smooth and seamless. It's our job to get out of the user’s way and allow them to be fully immersed in the digital experience.

We follow five key points when developing successful UIs. A good user interface requires it to be clear, structured, responsive, consistent, and flexible. It should reduce the cost of mistakes, proactively prevent errors, and allow users to easily complete the task at hand.

Benefits of User Interface Design

Working with our strategists, developers, and designers to create the ideal UI for your brand comes with an entire suite of benefits:
Improve user interaction and engagement by addressing your audience’s needs
Increase conversions when you implement an intuitive UI and reduce user confusion 
Foster brand loyalty and return visits with a UI that your audiences loves
Boost customer satisfaction by making your site easier to use and removing errors
Gain brand recognition with a UI design that grabs attention and works
Increase brand trust by implementing a UI that makes transactions feel easy and safe

Our User Interface Design (UI) Capabilities

A product’s interface is one of the first interactions a user will have with your brand, so it’s extremely important that the UI elements support a good user experience, embody your brand’s values, and build an emotional connection with your users.

Find out more about what's included below:

Tech & Components

Tech & Components

  • Module build
  • Interface scaling
  • Data analysis
  • Animated flows
  • Pattern libraries
  • Style guides


  • Structure diagrams
  • User flow diagrams
  • Interface style
  • Wireframes
  • Mock-ups
  • Prototypes
  • High fidelity visuals


  • Best in practice experiences
  • Performance enhancements
  • Tailored content for users
  • Reduced costs in build
  • Decades of expert experience

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Our Approach to User Interface Design

Driving remarkable results.

Scoping and Brainstorming

In this first step, we analyse all existing research and UX documentation. Understanding the audience is crucial to designing a user interface that is focused on their needs.
Our research may inform the design of forms, fonts, colours, and even the size and position of buttons. Basically, we scope out all the aspects of the interface structure that are relevant to your audience.

Structure and Flow Diagrams

Once we have key concepts of the platform together, we begin developing the structure of the interface. User flow diagrams serve as the base of our building. They help us understand the logic of the product by showing every possible interaction with the UI, the roadmap of those interactions, and the interface state at every point.
When the flows and structures are fully developed, we'll ask you confirm the work so we can move on confidently to our next step.

Interface Style and Validation

Now this is the fun part. Whether you choose minimalist, material, metro, or one of many others, we'll work closely with you to implement the UI style you need. We'll share our collective knowledge of current trends, interface scaling, and development time in order to help you make the best decisions for your business.
When we're done, you'll be taken through a demo of the new user interface styles to make sure everything matches your vision and objectives.

Wireframes, Prototypes, and Mockups

From here, we move into visualisation and really bring your user interface to life. Based on expected fidelity level and the time available to get validation, there are a few ways to explore this. These include low fidelity wireframes, high fidelity wireframes, mock-ups, clickable prototypes, and animated UI flows.
As usual, our experts are flexible and fit in with your business needs. Many options include a mix of the methods above.

Designs and Components

Once we have finalised the layout and flow of the user interface and have had it validated with users, we then begin creating final designs. First, we apply your brand to the designs and create high fidelity visuals.
Next, we build out modules and components that can be rolled through key parts of the build. Resolution can also create and build pattern libraries and online style guides that can be utilised in future projects.


Consumer experience audit and optimisation framework that increases engagement and conversion.

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