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Introducing our Resolution Digital Workshop series. Highly collaborative 1hr Workshops to jump-start your year.

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What is the Resolution Digital Workshop series?

Design Thinking is a way of focusing on solutions through human-centered design. It is a process where you seek to empathise with your users, reveal any problems and generate solutions that can be tested and validated.

Design Thinking, despite the name, is not strictly used for design but can be used to overcome any obstacle and can uncover entirely new ways to look at problems through hands on collaboration.

Why would a Lightning Decision Jam Workshop work for you?

It’s a powerful and flexible combination of exercises that can be run either in-person, in the same room, or remotely with distributed teams.

This short workshop takes a sample of the best problem-solving processes such as Design Thinking & Design Sprints, and streamlines them down to their absolute essence.

How can this workshop be used? Here are some examples:


  • The conversion flow of your ecommerce checkout
  • Keeping up with your competition
  • Improving sales flow
  • Tactics for the next sales push
  • Lack of alignment within your marketing or product teams
  • Making the website a higher priority in the day-to-day operations
  • Improving the perception of the business or brand in the eyes of the online audience

CX/UX/UI Design

  • How to align internal priorities with external business needs
  • Conversions on a website
  • Presenting the voice of the customer effectively on the screen
  • Improving look and feel of the site quickly or brand refresh
  • Aligning customer intention with a refreshed IA
  • Applicable quick wins online to react to changes to business goals
Resolution Digital Design Thinking Workshop The conversion flow of your ecommerce checkout

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Every Tuesday and Thursday, we are offering our 1 hour workshops. Start the year off right and test and solve problems in minutes, not months. 

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