Resolution Digital Lightning Decision Jam Workshop

Lightning Decision Jam Workshop.

Solve any problem and make decisions in minutes, not months with a Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ) workshop

Resolution Digital is a leading digital and creative marketing agency offering a full range of content and design services. We specialise in numerous forms of Design Thinking to help clients solve problems in minutes, not months. 

What is a LDJ?  

A LDJ workshop follows design thinking principles to ensure we have a successful, collaborative and enjoyable session which can help solve key decisions rapidly.


Key outcomes that can be covered are:

  Increase revenue of eCommerce sites

  Improve marketing funnels and win more customers

  Create better, people-friendly products  

  Solve complex challenges and problems  

  Improve internal processes and collaboration  

  Create engaging marketing campaigns

Who is a Lightning Decision Jam workshop suitable for?

The LDJ process provides clear decision-making and solutions. They are highly effective for Marketing or Product teams, Head’s of Digital, CMO’s, CTO’s and key stakeholders across all customer engagement touchpoints and business transformations.

Resolution Digital wins B&T Award for Best Digital Services 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve won the B&T Best Digital Services award. The award acknowledges the agency that has excelled in their offerings of digital services throughout the year.

What are the benefits of a Lightning Decision Jam?

It’s short and high impact
An LDJ lasts between 1 to 2 hours.

Solve problems together in real-time
Replace endless email threads and unstructured discussions with a simple clear process.

Structured innovation
We don't rely on individuals to pull ideas out of thin air, the exercises and activities in the LDJ are designed to drive innovation and creativity.  

Flexible format
The workshop can easily be run in-person or remotely.

Low risk for high reward
Like a growth hacking workshop, a LDJ is an effective process for idea generation, driving innovation and efficiency and help your team zero in on pain points and remove blockers.

They are fun and rewarding
It’s a great feeling to achieve a lot in a short amount of time. It’s even better to share this feeling with your team.

They embrace a mindset for growth and experimentation
You will discover that even the biggest challenges have solutions. You may not get it right the first time and that’s okay. That’s why we experiment, learn, and improve.

They drive digital transformation

If you are looking to deliver a best in class customer experience and need support with finalising goals, we can help you achieve rapid fire decisions which blend data and intuition to finalise your action plan. 

Looking for a design thinking agency?

Our experienced digital design and design thinking experts are here to assist you in overcoming design challenges.
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What is Design Thinking?

How Design Thinking can add value to your business

Design Thinking in business is a way of focusing on solutions through human-centered design. With research and experimentation, the needs of consumers are addressed, improving the quality and success of business outcomes.

Remarkable Design Results

A market leading Digital Design agency.

We understand that digital design is critical to building an association with your brand in the minds of consumers. Our digital design practice is digital-first which means the graphics and interfaces we create are designed for the digital consumer.

Resolution Digital is a full-service digital design agency with a team of experienced User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designers.

Contact us to discover how we can deliver Remarkable Results for you.

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No Brand Will Reach the Best Version of Themselves… But Why Is It So Hard to Try?

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User Experience Is Top priority and Applies to All Channels

User Experience Is Top priority and Applies to All Channels

Brands that prioritise seamless UX will thrive. Those that don’t will fail.
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Data-backed best practices enhancing your digital content marketing

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About Resolution Digital

Resolution Digital is an Award-Winning Full-Service Digital Agency. Our mission is to deliver Remarkable Results for our clients, helping them achieve exceptional ROI on their digital marketing investments. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we serve clients across the region.
We have a broad and deep set of skills across all areas of digital, from strategy to implementation. For over 14 years we have been providing digital marketing services to clients in Australia, serving many of the largest clients in the country.

We provide a full range of digital marketing services, such as Digital Design Services that include Digital First Creative, Website Design, Brand Identity, Digital Display Production, User Experience Design (UX), User Interface Design (UI), Dynamic Creative Production and Rich Media Creative.

Why choose Resolution Digital as your digital marketing agency?

As is evident from our extensive range of digital marketing services we have a great deal to offer. Our services are executed by experienced subject matter experts.

Whilst there are many reasons to choose Resolution Digital, we have distilled the main points that set us apart and position us as a leading digital marketing agency. 

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