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Digital experience is the name of the game.

Faced with an ever-changing eCommerce ecosystem and growing challenges to their supply chains, many brands find themselves torn between the immediate requirements to deliver on targets and the necessity to future-proof their business through an Omnichannel strategy.

Resolution Digital eCommerce Consulting Agency

eCommerce Consulting framework

But how to even get started? Where does eCommerce fit within an already established Media and Marketing process? How much consideration should be given to eCommerce as opposed to other channels? Which budget will be used to fund online commerce activities, and how will success be measured?

Working closely with clients across multiple verticals has allowed our team to develop real-life expertise as problem-solvers. 

We have created an advanced eCommerce framework that

  • helps clients with the proper use of retail media; 
  • defines internal team structures; 
  • assists in transitioning from direct order fulfilment to Marketplace fulfilment; or to define a product-market strategy.

Benefits of eCommerce Consulting

The main purpose of eCommerce consulting is to deliver remarkable eCommerce experiences that fuel sustainable digital growth. Having us on board as digital consultants means we can help navigate some of the common pitfalls of your eCommerce transformation journey while building a proof of concept to justify investment in digital innovation.
Deliver Remarkable eCommerce experiences
Fuel sustainable digital growth
Navigate the common pitfalls of your eCommerce journey
Build a proof of concept to justify investment in digital innovation.

Our eCommerce consulting capabilities

eCommerce Audit & Strategy

  • Shopify consulting
  • Amazon consulting
  • eBay consulting
  • Retailer consulting

Digital shelf optimisation

  • Ensure your product is retail ready
  • Increase awareness of your range 
  • Improve online brand presence
  • Improve organic and paid visibility 

Product SKU strategy & selection

  • In-depth brand and category research & demand analysis
  • Audit of current SKU content health & visibility
  • Strategic recommendations for SKU selection
  • Retailer specific recommendations
  • Prioritisation by effort & impact

eCommerce platform implementation

  • Strategic pre-implementation planning
  • Upload file optimisation
  • On-platform SKU details submission
  • Ongoing platform management

Pricing, bundles, promotions & offers

  • Help brands drive incremental revenue and average order value (AOV)
  • Pricing & competitive monitoring (including resellers)
  • Monitor Buy Box ownership
  • Monitor stock availability
  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

User experience optimisation

  • Convey a consistent brand experience  
  • Leverage content to provide tangible customer solutions
  • Streamline all customer touchpoints
  • Optimise landing page content & CTAs
  • Optimise & monitor ratings & reviews

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Remarkable Results

Our Approach

Our TransAct product offers an end-to-end solution to your business needs

Before the shelf

•  Ecommerce Audit & Strategy: Shopify consulting /
    Amazon consulting / eBay consulting / Retailer consulting
•  Digital shelf optimisation (including Enhanced Content)
•  Product SKU strategy & selection
•  eCommerce platform implementation
•  Pricing, bundles, promotions & offers

Resolution Digital eCommerce Agency Services team implements digital shelf optimisation

At the shelf

 User experience optimisation
 Share of Shelf monitoring & reporting (eCommerce ROI)
 Media & Paid search integration

Resolution Digital eCommerce Agency Services team implements user experience optimisation

Beyond the shelf

•  Loyalty building
•  Customer review strategy
•  eDM integration
•  Fulfilment & operations (incl. defining team structures)

Resolution Digital eCommerce Agency Services team prioritises customer brand loyalty building
Resolution Digital TransAct proprietary tool

TransAct - eCommerce Solution

End-to-end full service eCommerce framework from strategy to implementation to increase the share of digital shelf and grow online sales.

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Insights & News

eCommerce landscape during COVID-19

eCommerce landscape during COVID-19

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OMEGA: Australia's first Amazon eCommerce Accelerator Program

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Led by Resolution Digital's TransAct, Amazon Advertising and OMG agencies completed the first eCommerce Accelerator Program in Australia.
Everything you need to know about Amazon Australia

Everything you need to know about Amazon Australia

Amazon’s arrival has contributed to elevating online shopping as a whole – and has prompted a growth in web-traffic post-launch. Amazon continues to make its mark in Australia following its moves into content streaming and voice automation.

About Resolution Digital

Resolution Digital is an Award-Winning Full-Service Digital Agency. Our mission is to deliver Remarkable Results for our clients, helping them achieve exceptional ROI on their digital marketing investments. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we serve clients across the region.
We have a broad and deep set of skills across all areas of digital, and from strategy to implementation. We have been providing digital marketing services to clients in Australia for over 14 years and service many of the largest clients in the country.

We provide a full range of eCommerce Services including eCommerce Consulting, Online Retailer growth strategy, eCommerce Marketplaces and eCommerce SMB Solution

Resolution Digital is a market leading eCommerce agency

Why choose Resolution Digital as your market-leading eCommerce agency?

We understand that eCommerce optimisation is critical to achieving a prominent position across the digital shelf and increasing online sales.

Resolution Digital is a full-service eCommerce agency with a team of over 70 eCommerce specialists and proprietary eCommerce reporting and insights technology.

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