Digital Attribution Modelling.

Discover what really happened on the customer journey with the right digital attribution model

Resolution Digital is a market leading analytics agency offering a full range of digital analytics and measurement services. 

Implementing more complex attribution models, such as a multi-touch attribution model, means you could see not only where the customer first engaged with your brand (known as ‘first click’ attribution), but also the many touchpoints they visited before eventually purchasing your product.

By implementing a digital attribution model, it’s possible to see a more complete picture of your sales and conversions.

Before purchasing a product, many consumers interact with a brand’s marketing efforts multiple times, across multiple devices and channels. A customer who initially discovered your brand while browsing social media on their phone may eventually purchase your product five days later by clicking through on a PPC ad from their laptop. They may have also visited your site from even more channels throughout that five days. However, we know there’s more to the story, and using attribution modelling will allow you to make solid, data-led marketing decisions.

A Simple Guide to Attribution

A Simple Guide to Attribution
A Simple Guide to Attribution

Benefits of Attribution

Attribution modelling can provide a full view of the entire purchase cycle and an understanding of how different marketing channels work together.
Accurate attribution of revenue and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
Attribution can combine offline and online channels
Better Insight Into Customer’s Behaviour
Holistic channel and campaign performance measurement
Single source of truth. Choose the right attribution model for your business, for different objectives
Visibility into pre and post conversion results

Our Attribution Capabilities

At Resolution, data is life, and getting to the bottom of a customer journey mystery is one of our favourite things to do. Our analysts know how to develop and implement the best attribution model for your business and technological requirements. When you work with us, you can expect the following:

Digital Attribution Implementation

  • Attribution Model Analysis & Selection
  • Implementation across multiple platforms
  • Technology agnostic
  • Multi-touch tracking
  • Cross-device tracking

Multi-Channel Tracking & Measurement

  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Organic
  • Paid Media
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • All other digital campaigns

Range of Attribution Models

  • First Click Attribution
  • Last Click Attribution
  • Linear Attribution
  • Time Decay Attribution
  • Position-Based Attribution
  • Algorithmic Multi-touch Attribution

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Our Approach to Marketing Attribution

that delivers Remarkable Results.


This is where our data scientists work with you to fully understand your business objectives. Whether your goal is to understand the impact of all digital touchpoints, to understand the impact of online to store, or to understand the efficiency gains possible to optimise your online spend. Our ambition is to help your media buying and planning teams to identify the true value of media, performance of customer journeys, and optimise spend and delivery.


Attribution Strategy

Based on your business objectives, and our discovery phase we design different types of attribution to meet the specific needs of each client. From data collection methods through to modelling and transforming that data for visualisation, we carry out a thorough audit to get to the most automated solution possible


Attribution Model Delivery

This is where it all comes together. Our output brings a custom deployment of Attribution Modelling to a privacy first environment, such as Ads Data Hub. The output provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for key questions around performance and optimisation of media budgets. We build interactive dashboards, and provide a detailed analysis back to key stakeholders


Attribution Reporting, Execution and Training

We ensure that the Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) is set up, enabled and validated, as well as ensuring that the learnings are integrated back into the planning process. We provide access to the Attribution app and platform support to ensure data is refreshed at pre-determined intervals. Our Data Scientists deliver the analysis of key questions against across digital investments.

A market leading Digital Analytics agency.

We understand that digital analytics and the measurement of online interactions are key to understanding how digital touchpoints deliver on their objectives.

Resolution Digital is a full-service digital analytics and measurement agency with a team of experienced analytics experts in a range of specialist fields.

Remarkable Results

Is your Digital Attribution Modelling achieving Remarkable Results?

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Resolution Digital is an Award-Winning Full-Service Digital Agency. Our mission is to deliver Remarkable Results for our clients, helping them achieve exceptional ROI on their digital marketing investments. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we serve clients across the region.

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We provide a full range of Digital Analytics & Measurement Services including Digital Attribution Modelling, App & Website Analytics, Dynamic Creative Optimisation and Marketing Reporting & Dashboards.

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