Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM).

Our Marketing Mix Modelling services take the guesswork out of media optimisation to maximise the ROI of your media investment 

Resolution Digital is a market leading Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) agency offering a full range of econometrics and statistical analysis services for marketing measurement.

As the marketing world becomes more complex, a simple, intuitive way to optimise and measure performance is critical. 

Our team of data scientists collaborating across our global experts have developed and refined our approach to marketing mix modelling and media measurement over 20 years. 

We ensure that our recommendations and model outputs are fully integrated into the media strategy, planning, and buying to help our clients realise the true value of their marketing investment.

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A strategic plan with Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM)

Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) is a form of strategic planning that finds the optimal mix of marketing variables and proves the return on investment (ROI), taking the guesswork out of marketing.

Understand how Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) can help your business in our 101 guide.

Benefits of Marketing Mix Modelling

Marketing Mix Modelling allows you to optimise your media investment to maximise your marketing return on investment
Understand brand value and impact on sales
Understand the contribution of media channels
Understand the ROI of media channels
Forecast sales and fiscal media budgets
Understand channel interaction

Approach to Marketing Mix Modelling


Understand marketing contribution to sales

Our models clearly attribute the value of the contributions to sales back to each media channel, including machine learning to fully understand the halo effect or interplay between channels so that the correct channel is allocated credit.

propensity modelling exploration of crm asset linkage

Understand the impact of competitor activities

We factor in competitor activity including pricing, promotion, media spend and market share data.

propensity modelling exploration of crm asset linkage

Econometric & market conditions

We capture econometric and market data such as consumer confidence, financial trends, seasonality, and weather to understand how external factors affect the industry and consumer behaviour.

propensity modelling exploration of crm asset linkage

Budget & scenario planning tools

Our tools allow us, our clients, and media agency partners to plan budgets and evaluate different campaign scenarios to forecast sales based on a planned media budget, or media investment required based on a sales target.

propensity modelling exploration of crm asset linkage

Fully integrated into your media agency

Measuring your heart rate doesn’t make you fitter. You need to exercise. The same can be said for any measurement program, and we are specialists at ensuring the recommendations from our Marketing Mix Models fully integrated into our client's media planning and execution. Our recommendation reports and tools are understandable, practical, and the outcomes can be measured moving forwards to close the loop.

propensity modelling exploration of crm asset linkage

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