Propensity Modelling Services.

Drive greater personalisation and better business outcomes with propensity modelling services. 

Resolution Digital is a market leading propensity modelling agency offering a full range of data science, segmentation, and personalisation services.

Propensity modelling uses data and statistical methods to estimate the likelihood of your audience performing specific actions.

Our bespoke propensity models will help your business understand the factors that drive consumer behaviour and implement improved segmentation and hyper personalisation to increase sales, basket size, and purchase frequency.

Propensity modelling allows us to create models to predict things like: 

  Propensity to purchase or convert 

  Propensity to churn 

  Predicted customer lifetime value 

  Propensity to engage 

A propensity score allows marketers to group customers to enable more sophisticated or personalised targeting.

propensity modelling

Make better decisions with propensity modelling.

Forecast the behaviour of your target audience through propensity modelling. By analysing past audience behaviours we can leverage the predictive power of your data, to drive better outcomes for your business.

We design and build our propensity models using your existing data architecture and platforms, ensuring your data never leaves your ecosystem.

We integrate the the outputs of the model into your campaign management, CRM, or marketing automation platforms to bring hyper personalisation to your existing campaigns, maximising the existing creative assets available.

Coupled with the rigor of a leading test and learn framework, we not only prove the benefits of the propensity model, but deliver ongoing optimisation to continually drive incremental results

Benefits of Propensity Modelling

Propensity Modelling helps predict your customer's behaviours and presents personalised experiences to drive sales.
Useful when real-world experiments may be impractical or costly to run.
Understanding features or facets that are drivers to conversion
Having a better grasp of the consumer journey.
Constructing a multi-tier approach to retargeting and re-engagement.
Saving on cost by investing more better propensity outlets and target groups
Able to bring insights for UX/CX

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Approach to Propensity Modelling

Leveraging your data to make better predictions.

Understand the business domain & analyse the CRM data

We get a clear understanding of the business domain, and how this translates to the data captured. We understand where the transactional data is held, how we would access it and how to transform for usage. We ensure that we can link a visitor to the end purchase, and what the key business use cases for the propensity model will be. We agree the output KPIs, and what will the program improve.

propensity modelling exploration of crm asset linkage

Selecting & engineering the features for the model

Leveraging the business domain knowledge garnered, we select features from the data that we will use to test the first iterations of the model. We identify any gaps in the data and what will we need to do to close these gaps to get an MVP up and running. A key differentiator over out of the box propensity models is our ability to engineer new features to create more sophisticated models.

propensity modelling feature finding

Construct and test the model

We build and train the model using real world data so that we can test the accuracy of the model and test our initial features. We calculate the propensity scores and test the feature importance. Modelling on which features make the best contribution to the model's prediction and propensity scores of customers.

propensity modelling hypothesis testing

Platform integration

In this phase we integrate the outputs of the program into the existing or new personalisation ecosystem, whether this is CRM, marketing automation, CDP, or a marketing cloud. We specify how the test and learn program will run to prove the incremental improvements from the program.

propensity modelling feature importance testing

Test the model in production

We deploy the new propensity model into production in a controlled tested manner to statistically prove that the outputs from the model generate incremental lift, before rolling out the program to all customers and moving into a continuous optimisation program.

propensity modelling using the model production
resolution digital market leading agency in australia

A market leading propensity modelling agency.

We understand that predictive analytics is key to improving customer retention and growth, and have proven methodologies that allow us to seamlessly integrate predictive analytics, such as propensity modelling, into our clients existing programs.

Resolution digital is a full-service analytics and measurment agency with a team of experienced marketing and data scientists.

Remarkable Results

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