Resolution Digital App Store Optimisation Services

App Store Optimisation Services.

Boost your app’s visibility on all major app stores & ensure more people download it with our app store optimisation services

App store optimisation (ASO) helps enhance your app rankings & increase app downloads by optimising for your target keywords & outranking your competitors. Drive more conversions from the Apple App store or Google Play & traffic from other channels as well.

Resolution Digital SEO specialists offer overall app store optimisation

How can App Store Optimisation help in getting more app downloads?

ASO is a cost-effective way to promote mobile app discovery on all major platforms like the apple app store & Google Play store.

In-depth keyword research based on your app’s target audience helps inform how to position your app relative to its competitors. Our experts then optimise every element of your app listings, including app titles, descriptions, images & more. 

Constant optimisations gradually help your app rank higher in search results. Enhanced app discoverability, coupled with a more engaging & enhanced app listing leads to more conversions & app downloads!

Benefits of App Store Optimisation

App store optimisation is a sure-fire way to boost your app’s performance creating a more discoverable app.
Boost downloads and app store presence by discovering and rectifying technical issues
Build brand and app trust by responding to reviewers and implementing user feedback
Claim more real estate in search engine results through optimisation of the app page on your website
Identify gaps in the consumer journey and implement smart solutions to eradicate them
Improve app discovery by optimising app listing, including description, images, headlines, and more
Increase click-through rate and stand out from the competition with expert copywriting

Our App Store Optimisation Capabilities

Gain more organic traffic and downloads of your app without spending ad dollars. Our App Optimisation offering includes the following:

Competitive Analysis

  • Top 10 competitors
  • Position analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Reach analysis

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Keyword rankings report
  • Weekly/Monthly traffic and conversions report
  • Weekly monitoring
  • Competitor rankings analysis
  • App store organic share of voice


  • Progressive web apps (PWA)
  • Content optimisation
  • App store meta implementation
  • Directory implementation
  • Optimisation of app page on owned assets

Frequently Asked Questions

An App Store Optimisation agency offers clients with a variety of different SEO offerings that can help improve app ranking and visibility on different app stores.   
Some of the most common tasks undertaken are as follows: 
  • App Store specific Keyword Research 
  • Competitive Analysis  
  • In depth reporting and monitoring 
  • App Store Optimisation  
  • Content recommendations  
App Store Optimisation is growing in importance every day, as more and more apps enter the market and as app usage numbers grow. Only by leveraging app store optimisation services can your business capitalise on this growth and grow their app’s search rankings and in turn visibility.  

Additionally, App store optimisation services is still not a common practice, so by being an early mover, you can not only create entry barriers, you can dominate Share of Voice (SOV). 
App Store Optimisation is an SEO strategy that makes optimisations to improve the visibility of an application in relevant app stores. When done successfully, it can lead to increased downloads and in turn app conversion rates.

Most of App Store optimisation is done via Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).
App Store Optimisation does not have a common approach for all stores and markets. It needs to be adapted to the store you are operating in, the legal guidelines and consumer behaviour.  

However, here are some of the common steps to improve app store rankings: 

1. Keyword Research & Mapping 
2. Optimising App Name, Title, Description, URL, etc.  
3. Media Optimisation 
4. Generating and Managing reviews 
5. Deep linking  

Note: This is not an all-encompassing list. 

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Approach to App Store optimisation

Driving remarkable results.

Study of target audience

We work with you on identifying your target audiences and perform in-depth keyword research to understand how to optimise specifically for them. This forms the basis of all app optimisations; so that we can position your app listing exactly how your target audience is searching for it.

Resolution Digital SEO specialists identifies your target audiences and perform in-depth keyword research

Identify the user journey

An understanding of the sources of your audience allows us to create a seamless user journey. Traffic comes from sources beyond the app stores & we optimise the listing to provide a consistent & expected experience.

Resolution Digital team creates a seamless user journey to understand audience traffic

Optimise, optimise, optimise

We use proprietary analysis tools to constantly optimise your application & app listing. We work closely with your app development team on changing important elements such as app titles, descriptions, images, bugs & much more to accelerate your app rankings in store listings.

Resolution Digital uses proprietary analysis tools to constantly optimise your application & app listing

Monitoring and Reporting

The experience team will provide weekly and monthly reports to showcase organic app performance, as well as highlight wins, challenges, and opportunities.

Resolution Digital Experience team will provide weekly and monthly reports

A Remarkable Agency

Remarkable Results

About Resolution Digital

Resolution Digital is an Award-Winning Full-Service Digital Agency. Our mission is to deliver Remarkable Results for our clients, helping them achieve exceptional ROI on their digital marketing investments. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we serve clients across the region.

We have a broad and deep set of skills across all areas of digital, and from strategy to implementation. We have been providing digital marketing services to clients in Australia for over 14 years and service many of the largest clients in the country.

We provide a full range of SEO Services that include enterprise SEO, SEO consultancy, website SEO analysis & insights, SEO strategy, SEO audit, blogger outreach, local SEO, mobile optimisation, app store optimisation, voice search optimisation, OneSearch, and intelligent content solutions.

Resolution Digital is a market leading digital SEO agency

Why choose Resolution Digital as your market-leading SEO agency?

We understand that search engine optimisation is critical to achieving a high rank positions in search engine results, growing organic traffic, and increasing conversions

Resolution Digital is a full-service SEO agency with a team of over 100 SEO specialists and proprietary SEO technology.

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SEO Updates – Google Launches AMP Testing Tool

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SEO Updates – Google: Mobile-First Indexing

Google removes “Notable Online Dropdown” feature from search results. The Notable Online Dropdown feature was previously associated as a mark of brand authority, providing users with additional site information.
SEO Updates – Bing Not Swayed by Google + More

SEO Updates – Bing Not Swayed by Google + More

Bing: Not swayed by Google’s Mobile First Index. Interestingly, Bing will continue to utilise a single index for both mobile and desktop. Stating that a single index for all devices will serve “the most relevant, fresh and consistent results.

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