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BINGO's digital transformation with Resolution Digital.

BINGO Industries Undertakes Major Digital Transformation Project To Automate and Optimise CX.

BINGO Industries wanted a new digital experience to automate and optimise a number of CX interactions. 

The MyBINGO platform and new website, designed and developed by Resolution Digital, has revolutionised the way the business services clients, facilitating 24/7 self-service capabilities.

The digital platform identified pain points for both customers and staff and found new ways to do business, saving the business thousands of man-hours.

MyBINGO empowers customers to manage all their BINGO needs across any platform and simplifies complex waste management processes.


The BINGO Industries team wanted to be able to provide their valued customers with the best utility possible, and embarked on an ambitious journey to build a new digital customer experience platform called MyBINGO

The Resolution Digital CX team began by looking at the existing customer and business pain points such as: 

  • Invoicing issues and accessibility
  • Changing time slots / scheduling bins
  • Ensuring drivers get to the right point on site
  • Getting reports such as Green Start or Recycling stats
  • Notification / communication
  • The central role of the sales representative
  • Lack of customer relationship management (CRM) integration and poor data integrity
  • Assisting the customer service team to optimise the entire customer journey and prioritise new requests.

The main priorities for customers were getting their waste serviced on time and being able to book bin deliveries, changeovers, collections, and other services smoothly and easily.


A combination of competitive analysis, workshops and interviews with key stakeholders were rolled out, including:

  800 visual designs

  40 workshops

  600+ customer surveys

  20 interviews with key stakeholders

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  • 3.2k

    New users

  • 1.8k


  • 21.4k

    MyBingo orders

  • 1k+

    App downloads


As a result of MyBINGO's digital transformation of the customer service experience, the business has saved thousands of hours of manual processes, allowing their call-centre and customer experience team to spend more time on meaningful and valuable human interactions.

These MVP results are as of May 2022.


While we adapted towards the needs of the consumer, it was clear that we had only scratched the surface of evolving the customer experience with all involved stakeholders. Our team have worked with MyBINGO to create optimised and ideal state consumer journey maps for the client through all of their key sales processes with the application. 


We used insights to further optimise the website side sales funnel in 2023. It included implementing a new eCommerce pathway with over 200 product variants, ensuring BINGO can meet their diverse customer requirements. 

Additionally, we automated customer communications through Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Kentico to streamline the process and improve communication effectiveness.


We continue to work with BINGO on evolving their customer journey, supporting them across a number of verticals including a CRM implementation, improved marketing communications and a number of other areas of evolved support across their wide range of customer experience.

"When I work with Resolution Digital, I feel like I have 100% support from the team and that's exactly what I need from an agency.

When there was a tender put out for the website, Resolution Digital well and truly blew everybody else out of the field

Odette Mulqueeney
Head of Marketing, Bingo Industries

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