Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Series

Choosing Kentico as your DXP.

30 September 2022 min Development

Considering a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for your business? Let’s deep dive into the Kentico platform.

Making a call on which Digital Experience Platform (DXP) your business should implement is no small task. This is a significant investment in your digital future, so it's only natural to do your research online for information that will help with your decision.

We specialise in DXP development and have implemented successful projects on these platforms.

In this 3-part DXP series, we will look at each of the leading DXPs - Kentico, Optimizely and Sitecore and outline their: 

  • Key features and benefits 
  • Differences between each DXPs and 
  • How to get started

For part 1 in this series, we will focus on Kentico and whether it is the right platform for your business.Optimizely

Firstly, what is Kentico?

Kentico is the award-winning, leading DXP product from Kentico Software, known for its flexibility and usability. It is an all-in-one, out-of-the-box DXP using ASP.NET. that offers a complete solution for businesses of all sizes.

Kentico Xperience logo

Key features and benefits of Kentico

Kentico has enough impressive features to write an entire series of articles about, but here are the key features to note:

Content management

  • A page builder that allows even the least technical person to create new pages
  • Create content once and use it across multiple channels with structured data
  • Maintain consistency in your content style and flow across multiple users with workflows and versioning
  • Multi-site management, digital asset management, and multilingual content management

Digital marketing

  • Manage all your campaigns from one campaign management centre
  • Personalise your digital marketing strategies using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • AI-driven content and product recommendations that increase engagement
  • Integrated email marketing, form builder, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features

Digital commerce

  • Manage your entire product catalogue
  • Customise your checkout process and shopping cart
  • Configure payment and shipping options
  • Integrate commerce with all your existing systems

Customer data

  • Contact management and advanced audience segmentation
  • Lead scoring, that identifies your highest quality leads based on demographics and behaviours
  • Define personas and deliver personalised experiences
  • Data protection features that ensure you are complying with all regulations
  • Track customer activity across multiple touchpoints

Analytics and automation

  • Real-time, advanced web analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Cross-platform reporting
  • Customer service chatbot and automatic responses to customer reviews

Of course, Kentico is also known for its powerful APIs and out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, Zoho, Disqus, Jira, and many others.

Kentico vs. Sitecore vs. Optimizely: what's the difference?

Being a leading DXP, it's standard 'platform' features are often matched by competing platforms. However, there are some key differences that help our clients decide which platform more closely aligns with their business challenges.

Framework icon

Kentico and Sitecore use the ASP.Net framework, where as Optimizsely uses the .Net 5 framework.

However, the features and functionality of of the platforms are unaffected by the framework. 

The main reason to keep this in mind is if you have an in-house development team that has limitations on one framework but not the other.  

Features icon

Kentico is known for its broad range of out-of-the-box features and integrations. 

Optimizely and Sitecore also have an impressive list of features.

Sitecore has great depth in features, suitable for advanced commerce and B2B features.

Team requirements icon

Optimizely and Kentico can be managed by a small multi-skilled digital marketing team.

Sitecore is a complex platform that requires a well-trained team to manage the functions within it.

Configuration icon

Kentico and Optimizely are great platforms to use when setting up your business's website. 

Kentico has been designed as an all-in-one solution that doesn't require developer assistance, as Sitecore does, making ongoing maintenance easier for non-technical teams.

Usability icon

Kentico's key unique selling point (USP) is that it's intuitive and straightforward, enabling marketing teams to push campaigns and content live without involving developers. 

Sitecore is a complex and comprehensive platform, that requires considerable developer investment.

Optimisation icon

Within Kentico, non-technical people can A/B test content, email campaigns and specific elements of web pages. 

Sitecore is more complex but has a lot of powerful features for optimisation.

Optimizely is a great option.

Is Kentico the right choice for you?

Kentico, Sitecore and Optimizely are all exceptional DXP's, but choosing the right DXP depends on your organisation's goals and business objectives. 

Kentico offers an easy to install, value for money, highly usable DXP with loads of notable features. Sitecore is better known and more complex, however, most businesses do not require the full depth of its features.

If you are looking for a DXP your marketing team can use to update web pages and push campaigns out quickly, without the need for a developer, Kentico is the perfect choice.

Getting started with Kentico

To conclude, choosing the right DXP for your business comes down to your level of financial investment, specific business challenges and expected return on investment. Contact us today to discuss your DXP options.

Personalisation with a Digital Experience Platform Agency

Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) are a modern form of CMS that enable an omnichannel journey messaging across multiple digital touch points. 

Learn about our Digital Experience Platform services.

Let's talk about how we can help you with Kentico.

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