Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Advanced Training Insights Course 2022 - Wrap Up.

19 October 2022 min Analytics & Data

GA4 Advanced Advanced Training Insights course 2022 is designed to educate and empower teams to make the switch and start leveraging this powerful analytics platform.

That’s a wrap!

Our Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Advanced Training Insights course was held today.

Thank you to our GA4 team - Phil Forrest, Priyanka Basava Raj, Henry Bioley-Delacoste and Richard Bedford, for presenting and giving all attendees the opportunity to ask questions and make comments throughout the day. It was valuable, hands on experience and we followed along with the practical exercises on a range of topics.

<p id="isPasted">Some key topics covered:</p><ul><li>Introduction to GA4 - what makes it different and key fundamentals.</li><li>Key reports - practical examples and analysis.</li><li>First-party data and the end of third-party cookies - how prepared is your business?</li><li>Effective tagging - attribution modelling, custom reports.</li><li>Analysis through data segmentation - audience targeting.</li></ul><p id="isPasted">Register your interest to stay in the know about our upcoming GA4 training courses.&nbsp;</p><p>We also offer bespoke training courses, unique to your team&#39;s needs.</p>

Some key topics covered:

  • Introduction to GA4 - what makes it different and key fundamentals.
  • Key reports - practical examples and analysis.
  • First-party data and the end of third-party cookies - how prepared is your business?
  • Effective tagging - attribution modelling, custom reports.
  • Analysis through data segmentation - audience targeting.

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We also offer bespoke training courses, unique to your team's needs.

Building upon the training series, we have developed an extensive FAQ series that aims to address and clarify the most frequently asked questions regarding GA4:

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GA4 Resources:

Marketer's Guide to GA4

We created the Marketers Guide to GA4 to help marketers get buy-in from leadership and sign off on the most suitable business case, now. Especially, to collect GA4 data to leverage the new predictive and ML capabilities.

Implementation Checklist

We’ve developed an implementation checklist for in-house teams to manage the deployment of GA4.

GA4 Training Prospectus

We have just wrapped up our October Advanced Analytics Insights Training course for both public and in-house teams.

GA4 Advanced Analytics Course

Register your interest to our Google Analytics 4 Advanced Analytics live training course, where you'll learn how to set up properties in GA4, when to use them, and how to use the reports.

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Recently, coming in-part as a response to the rapid tech changes and increasing data protection, Google introduced Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as the new approach to unify digital web and app analytics.
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The next generation of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is designed for the future of measurement. This article will touch on what’s new in the latest GA4 updates.

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