The Rockstars of Resolution Digital

The Rockstars of Resolution Digital.

16 November 2021 min People

Resolution rocked the B&T Rockstars series this year with a killer line-up from our experts, showcasing our philosophy and approach to full-service digital.

Resolution Digital rocked the B&T Rockstars series this year with a killer line-up from our experts, covering topics ranging from synergised search optimisation with OneSearch to forward-thinking eCommerce marketing strategies and digital-first creative.
The showcase highlighted the philosophy behind our Agency's approach to full-service digital and modern solutions. In addition, the series touched on critical areas of marketing and technology that clients are thinking about in today's climate: how can I optimise my business' marketing strategy for 2022?
Resolution Digital’s Rockstar Line-up: 

  1. Georgina Wall, Head of Product - Audience Identification is Paramount for Brands
  2. Stelios Moudakis, Head of Experience - Could You Save on Search with a Unified Approach?
  3. Gavin McColl, National Head of eCommerce – The Future is eCommerce
  4. Karina Pike, National Business Director - Want to Win? Think Digital First Creative
  5. Jack Elkins, Head of Resolution Digital Queensland - Measuring Success in a Futuristic Marketing World
Georgina Wall, a person with long blonde hair smiles at the camera.
Georgina Wall

Audience Identification is Paramount for Brands

The online advertising industry owes its success to one nifty piece of technology invented in the early 1990s, known as the cookie. The cookie enables advertisers to follow the behaviour of individual users, and large pools of this data are valuable to marketers looking to capture and track their audience across the web. However, the online advertising landscape is changing, and the cookie will come to its end by the end of 2022, says Google.

Georgina Wall, Head of Product at Resolution Digital, says that new marketing technologies will take the place of the cookie, offering brands a new and more ethical way of identifying and targeting their audiences.

 "First-party data is a core requirement already, and even more important moving forward. Every e-mail address will be valuable for an advertiser in helping to match audience sets to similar attributes and subsequently sustain marketing efficiency.", Georgina said. 

 With the end of cookies looming, companies need to future proof their digital marketing solutions. 

Resolution Digital's FirstTarget helps to do exactly that. FirstTarget enables businesses to switch away from behavioural targeting and make the switch to modern solutions.

Georgina comments that:

"To succeed in this digital age, companies need a tailored solution which caters for their individual business challenge, not just a service."

Read the full article here.

Stelios Moudakis, a person with short dark hair, a tshirt and suit jacket.
Stelios Moudakis

Could You Save on Search with a Unified Approach?

Search in marketing is the topic of a great divide between SEO and SEM. Two schools of thought, two teams and two different approaches, right?

Not necessarily, reckons Stelios Moudakis, Resolution Digital's Head of Experience.

While two separate teams have traditionally tackled the organic and paid search strategies, Resolution Digital has been doing something out of the ordinary. What if SEO and SEM work together?

Many have doubted the potential of a unified search solution. However, Resolution Digital's propriety product offering, OneSearch, proved that way of thinking wrong from its early-stage development:

 "We had our data lead Jack look at our approach, and he developed our proprietary Search Incrementality Dashboard, a first in combining SEO & SEM query data and looking at incremental click-through rate – i.e., an up-weight in clicks achieved when both organic and paid were showing – and we can look at this from a business vertical level, down to an individual query level," Stelios said.

 While it makes sense that organic and paid would achieve a higher CTR, the results and ROI for clients was remarkable. Stelios noted that "some brands [saw] this as high as 50 per cent during a manual test five years ago." That was five years ago. But even in today's market, the results continue to prove the efficacy of a unified way of thinking about and doing search.

"To see similar results years later in a completely different vertical. We were pleasantly surprised, and we've seen this ring true the more we look into it – one interpretation is more real estate, another is more trust in ads with organic present."

Read the full article here.

Gavin McColl, a person with short light hair and a beard looks at the camera.
Gavin McColl

The Future is eCommerce

 The events of recent years and dramatic leaps forward in technological capabilities has had a significant impact on eCommerce. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands are becoming ever more reliant on their digital storefronts.

With the shift away from physical retail stores, brands brave enough to seize opportunities in the market have made great successes.

 But where to next, and how does one stay ahead of the pack in the eCommerce game?

 "We'll see a growing shift to talking about commerce more broadly, rather than specifically focusing on eCommerce. There is absolutely still a significant place for bricks and mortar stores, but we'll see an increasing focus on methods to integrate online to offline better," says Gavin McColl, Resolution Digital's National Head of eCommerce.

There are plenty of opportunities for creativity and innovation in eCommerce, and Gavin thinks that brands that can nail the customer experience across the journey are crucial to success. 

 Gavin thinks that:

"All this really ladders up to say that businesses are putting greater focus on how they treat online and offline as one big picture."

Of course, this all comes down to better ROI. Comprehensive marketing solutions like TransAct, are ahead of the performance game for eCommerce. "At the heart of it all is performance," he said. "We strive with TransAct to always tie our work back to improvements in sales and share of the shelf".

Read the full article here.

Karina Pike, a person with shoulder length dark hair, silver necklace and a dark blouse smiles at the camera.
Karina Pike

Want to Win? Think Digital First Creative

 The internet is a busy and crowded playing field, and in today's world, brands want to stand out more than ever before. Karina Pike, National Business Director at Resolution Digital, says that if you're going to win the game, you need to start thinking about Digital First Creative.

Digital First Creative is a shift away from traditional marketing channels. Instead, it focuses on creating content specifically for each digital channel's nuances in mind. Think about how the audience discovers, consumes and engages with content across different platforms? Nailing that experience is thinking with a digital-first mindset.

With 70% of campaign performance tied to creative, Karina Pike understands that navigating the landscape is daunting.

 Karina identifies that:

"We understand this challenge and help our clients to understand how to navigate the digital ecosystem. We identify the moments and touchpoints that matter when it comes to influencing consumer decision-making and driving brand recall".

What is elemental is crafting solutions that resonate with user experiences, notes Karina.

And Express Studio is Resolution Digital’s solution for getting that right.

"Clients often come to us due to a lack of alignment between media and digital creative execution," she says, and that Express Studio helps deliver for brands with "new or repurposed creative assets for digital channels with super quick turnaround times."

Read the full article here.

Jack Elkins, a person with light coloured hair, beard and moustache looks at the camera.
Jack Elkins

Measuring Success in a Futuristic Marketing World

Change can be scary, and the marketing industry is no stranger to it. The shift away from third-party to first-party data has created a stir in the industry, as many businesses scramble to develop solutions to meet the gap that the change will leave.
It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, and there is plenty to look forward to, believes Jack Elkins, Head of Resolution Digital Queensland. For example, new developments in measurement as cookies are phased out means more reliable data:

"We understand this challenge and help our clients to understand how to navigate the digital ecosystem. We identify the moments and touchpoints that matter when it comes to influencing consumer decision-making and driving brand recall".

Furthermore, these developments will shape the way we understand data and the customer journey as we gain more insight into performance metrics.
While some of these shifts seem daunting, Jack remains optimistic that these industry changes hail opportunity and that martech solutions like FirstTarget and Google Analytics 4 will enable a business to make the switch confidently.
Read the full article here.

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