First-Party Data Strategy.

Engage consumers efficiently and prepare for increased privacy concerns impacting ad targeting with a thorough first-party data strategy

As data and privacy concerns continue to impact the ways in which marketers can use food party data to efficiently reach and engage audiences it is becoming more and more essential that marketers have first-party data that they can activate against.
We help determine the specific datasets required to create rich profiles of users along with the plans to acquire this data so that your marketing can become hyper efficient.

Benefits of First-Party Data Strategy

Know exactly what data to acquire from consumers
Form strategic plan on how to use first-party data across your outreach efforts
Save money by using data more efficiently across paid media
Deliver more contextually relevant experiences
Develop deeper insights based on more rich consumer profiles
Overcome targeting issues that arise from heightened privacy and data concerns as well as more world gardens

Our First Party Data Strategy Capabilities

Data set / data-field determination

  • Determination of the data sets required to create useful user profiles
  • Determination of user profile data from essential first-party data to enriched profile data

On-boarding and progressive profiling

  • Prioritisation of first-party data acquisition order
  • Progressive profiling flow mapping

First-party data activation

  • Data-led user journey media target planning to implementation
  • Identification and matching across media channels and walled gardens

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Approach to First-Party Data Strategy

that delivers Remarkable Results.

First-party data discovery

We run a first-party data discovery including an audit and assessment of existing first-party data and the user thereof.

First-party data determination

We determine the data required to form basic through to enriched user profiles that empower the delivery of remarkable user experiences.

Data acquisition strategy

We plan the optimal means of acquiring first-party data from users through progressive profiling, along with means of keeping first-party data current.

First-party data activation

We plot the optimal means of identity matching across media channels to ensure that first-party data is used to make media spend deliver remarkable ROI.

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