Resolution Digital Marketing Strategy Workshops

Digital Marketing Strategy Workshops.

Facilitated digital strategy workshops

At Resolution Digital, we like to keep our clients in the know with the latest training and techniques to achieve digital success.  So we facilitate and offer digital marketing strategy workshops.
Resolution Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop team Facilitated digital strategy workshops

Grow your digital capabilities and business outcomes through digital strategy workshops

We apply our abundant marketing and digital strategic capabilities to form and facilitate digital strategy workshops and digital strategy training across a range of topics.

Benefits of Strategic Workshops

When it comes to digital strategy workshops and training, we’re in our element! Check out some of the benefits of working with us:
Achieve more business success with upskilled individuals and teams
Develop broader digital strategy understanding and buy-in from stakeholders
Develop teams that are more aligned to a common vision and set of goals
Foster a strategic thinking culture and improve strategic capabilities
Improved overall competence and strategic capabilities amongst attendees
Remove barriers to digital adoption by improving the education of decision-makers

Our Strategic Workshops Capabilities

Realise your business objectives by empowering your teams with structured strategic training and workshops.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with our team:

Digital Strategy Training

  • Multi-level, from beginner to advanced
  • Training materials provided
  • Online training also offered

Strategic Alignment

  • Unified approach to digital strategy
  • Shared strategic vision and approach
  • Increased alignment between teams

Workshop Facilitation

  • Prioritised focus of activities
  • Recording of session
  • Interactive exercises and brainstorming

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Approach to Strategic Workshops

that delivers Remarkable Results.

Strategy Efforts & Competence Discovery

We run a discovery of focal areas of need and business requirements.

Resolution Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop team Strategy Efforts & Competence Discovery

Digital Strategy Requirements Reframing

We interrogate our findings to reframe the digital strategy requirements. We then identify gaps or opportunities to ensure that resulting strategy workshops or training serve business objectives.

Resolution Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop team Digital Strategy Requirements Reframing

Digital Strategy Engagement Planning

We form a structured plan for digital strategy workshops and/or training that is efficient, engaging, and outcomes-orientated.

Resolution Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop team Digital Strategy Engagement Planning

Digital Strategy Facilitation

We facilitate digital strategy workshops and training as required. Wherever possible, sessions are recorded to empower non-linear participation and evolution of workshop and training activities.

Resolution Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop team Digital Strategy Facilitation
Resolution Digital is a market leading digital strategy agency

A market leading Digital Strategy agency.

We understand that a sound digital media strategy is a key part to any successful marketing campaign as it helps identify key audiences, where to reach them, the relevant message and the metrics that matter.

Resolution Digital is a full-service digital strategy agency with a team of experienced strategists in a range of specialist fields.

A Remarkable Agency

Remarkable Results

About Resolution Digital

Resolution Digital is an Award-Winning Full-Service Digital Agency. Our mission is to deliver Remarkable Results for our clients, helping them achieve exceptional ROI on their digital marketing investments. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we serve clients across the region.
We have a broad and deep set of skills across all areas of digital, and from strategy to implementation. We have been providing digital marketing services to clients in Australia for over 14 years and service many of the largest clients in the country.

We provide a full range of Digital Strategy and Planning services that include Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Digital Media, Branding, Audience Segmentation, Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop, Content, Digital Customer Journey, eCommerce Marketing, CRM, Digital Customer Experience (CX Strategy), Business Development, First-Party Data and Digital Marketing Audit.

Resolution Digital is an award-winning, full-service digital agency

Why choose Resolution Digital as your digital marketing agency?

 As is evident from our extensive range of digital marketing services we have a great deal to offer and our services are executed by experienced subject matter experts.

Whilst there are many reasons to choose Resolution Digital, we have distilled the main reasons we believe set us apart and give us an advantage.

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