Netflix announces Microsoft partnership

Netflix announces Microsoft partnership.

24 July 2022 1 min News

Netflix has named Microsoft as its partner for its ad-supported service, giving Microsoft access to Netflix's premium connected TV and audience data.

Unlike its competitors Google (YouTube) and Comcast (NBC’s Universals Peacock), Microsoft doesn't have its own streaming service. This partnership is the first step into the television streaming industry for Microsoft.

Last month, Microsoft completed their acquisition of AT&T's Xandr Inc (formerly known as Appnexus), which includes both their SSP business and Xandr DSP.

What does it mean?

At this early stage, it remains unclear whether access will be available via the Xandr DSP or via the Microsoft Ads Platform, but this does bring an added dimension to the earlier acquisition.

What is a DSP? A demand side platform (DSP), is a platform that allows programmatic traders to buy digital advertising inventory in real-time across different ad exchanges, channels, and datasets.


We welcome the news. As a tech agnostic agency, selecting platform partners based on what our clients require means we have no exclusive relationship with any one DSP.

We have a great partnership with Microsoft, having recently been awarded the Microsoft APAC Agency Partner of the Year as well as the Microsoft Global Client Partnership Team of the Year.

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